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Professional Interior Designer

For most of her life, Lindsey has had a love and passion for high-quality design, starting with building her first home in Calgary in 2002. Having moved over 10 times since marrying Darren in 1998, Lindsey has had many opportunities to customize and create beautiful, functional designs for her own family, using her many homes as golden opportunities for learning. This experience has given Lindsey a unique perspective and approach to design, holding high the values of maximizing existing assets (furniture, decor, accessories) and space and ensuring maximum functionality and usability of every space. Sometimes just moving a piece to a new location can make all the difference!


Over the past 5 years, due to the beauty and quality of her designs, Lindsey has found many opportunities to help others transform their own spaces, and has enjoyed sharing her gift with many grateful clients.  Lindsey approaches interior design with a completely client-focused approach. Combining her passion for great design, art and architecture, Lindsey has developed a reputation for creating beautiful yet functional spaces. This, combined with her positive attitude, enthusiasm and love for people, are just some of the many reasons why she has many satisfied clients in the Calgary area. Contact us today to learn how Lindsey and the team can transform your space into your dream interior.

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